Types of Glass Pipes You Need in Your Smoking Accessories {2023}

Types of Glass Pipes You Need in Your Smoking Accessories:- Smoking accessories are essential to enhance your smoking experiences. Glass pipes are one such accessory you need in your collection. These pipes enhance the overall smoking experience and make you look classy while you take a puff.

Types of Glass Pipes You Need in Your Smoking

While many types of pipes are made of different materials, an experienced smoker will always recommend a glass smoking pipe. The 3-inch glass Pipes are very popular among the community because of the compact size and overall smoking experience they provide.

Here are some of the famous types of glass pipes.


Spoons are an upgrade to the chillum glass pipes. They have a carburetor in them, which enhances the smoking experience. Carburetors always help glass pipes to create fresh smoke.

A carburetor helps to draw in air from the hole at the top of the spoon pipe. This way, it allows only fresh air to remain inside the accessory.


When you want to enjoy smoking with complete attention, choose glass bongs. These bongs are made with a water chamber to cool your smoke and get rid of unwanted heavy particulates.

The device offers smooth and cool smoking experiences, though it isn’t portable. You may invest in a high-quality glass bong if you have a separate smoking area in your home.


A Gandalf, better known as the sherlock pipe, is a stylish glass pipe for smoking. These glass pipes have a distinct shape, and they are available in several sizes. The pipe has a long neck and a relatively shorter bowl piece to fill up the ingredients.

These pipes look very classy when you smoke them. Also, they’ve derived their name from a fictional character, hence making it feel more awesome. The Gandalf pipes have a longer stem that transfers the smoke from the pot to the smoker. Also, the smoke from Gandalf pipes is much thicker and condensed due to the long stem.


If you do not like to taste tar and other things while you smoke, bubbler pipes are the best. A bubbler pipe has a glass bubble on its one end. This glass bubble can be filled with water. When the smoke passes through the glass bubble, every other thing will be filtered out, and you’ll get a blissful smoking experience.

Bubblers act as a filter to protect you from intoxicants in the products. For beginners, it can be great if you don’t know how to prepare and clean a product.

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Steamrollers are one of the most advanced and complex glass pipes you’ll ever come across. Steamrollers provide a great smoking experience due to their steamrolling capabilities.

A steamroller glass pipe has a chamber at one of its ends which happens to be a carburetor. Some models also have an extra chamber that helps to cleanse and cool down the smoke, prepping it for a better smoking experience.

While different materials can be used to make smoking pipes, it is better to use a glass pipe. They provide an excellent smoking experience, whether it is a 3-inch glass pipe or any bigger glass pipe.