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TopOCR Full Crack incl Portable Version Free Download:

TopOCR Full Version software application is a very advanced invention of this modern era. This app is featured in the editors/viewers and word processor. The word processor works for saving and editing the data. This includes an interactive spell checker and PDF to MP3 converter. TopOCR Full Version is an application that entirely supports the OCR, whereas the OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. As the name is suggested to this application, it works in two manners. It also contains two tools one for viewing and the second for editing the image and text files. This application is very user-friendly; this asks the user for any skill level intimately and also provides a friendly environment.  TopOCR Full Version

TopOCR Full Version Review:

TopOCR Full Version of this software has a user – friendly interface to show programs on the windows where you can work with the pictures and text files respectively. To open any window it needs only the file browser. It doesn’t support the drag and drop function. With the passage of going image formats, TopOCR supports for BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, and TIF, This named them but only a few. In case of a text file, it also recognizes the TXT and RTF extensions. TopOCR Full Version of software application makes it possible to capture an image from the webcam. It also enables automatic OCR mode and configures approachability options, for example, to delete the image after OCR. TopOCR allows the user efficiently to make several image adjustments when it comes to colors, rotation, and brightness. It has also capacity to modify the contrast, inversion, scaling, smoothness and EXIF information, among others. But this application tool is not able to show modifications in real-time mode. While in content it creates secondary windows with the results. Redfox AnyDVD HD Crack

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The user can compare the output results or may compare the images before and after. Viewing the text file, the user can also set the header and footer distances. This application is featured with enable page mode, fitting viewing mode, change the font, check the spelling with the click of a button, search and replace words, as well as use the Microsoft Anna voice to create speech from text. Apparently, images and text files can be saved to file or printed. TopOCR requires a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and system memory and has a good response time. However, the program crashed several times out of the blue during our evaluation. Following are described TopOCR’s features which should meet the requirements of all users, regardless of their skill level.

TopOCR Key Features:

• Quick, accurate and reliable OCR with either a scanner or camera
• OCR engine does full document of Snap Reader to layout the process of analysis
• This application includes high-quality Text To Speech voice Audrey
• Automatic correction of page oriental and oblique
• This version of the software application uses our second-generation OCR and imaging technology
• TopOCR requires a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and system memory
• OCR output formats include PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT and WAV
• Easily reads 11 different languages
• Built-in text and image WYSIWYG editors are contained in this application
• Post-processing Spell Checker for all 11 Languages
• Text-To-Speech interface with a free MP3 encoder plug-In
• The scan camera capture diagnostics and easy to understands Tutorial
• Documents Search Engine is built-in easy to use
• Automatic Camera Tethering
• Scan and OCR a document with just a single key press
• Supports single or multi-column format retention
• Works and plays well with other programs.

What’s New – TopOCR v3.1 Free Download:

• There are a few fixed bugs retained as in this version.
• TTS system under Vista Added directly to Portable Music Player Encoder

System Requirements:

• Camera or Scanner
• Headset or Speakers
• 2 GB RAM

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