Top 7 Useful Mobile Apps For College Students {2023}

Advancement in technology has brought about the development of mobile and educational apps to tackle challenges faced by students on campus. Students can now locate or trace the content for a specific topic with little or no stress.

These apps have helped students to research effectively and complete their college assignments. However, it’s important to mention that there exists a wide option for mobile apps online. But then, while some are genuine and productive, there also exist some fraudulent or dubious ones.

This article will provide relevant information on the seven best educational apps for college students. These mobile apps are as follows;


Evernote is an app that helps students quickly write down notes and arrange their tasks. With this app, students can manage their time correctly to enable them to complete their courses successfully.

Evernote stands out from other educational apps because you can sync it with your devices. Therefore, allowing you to gain easy access to notes conveniently. Another perk that comes with having this app is that students can get reminders on their tasks. This helps them to handle such tasks before the deadline.

#2. Chegg

Chegg is an American-based company that provides services such as book rentals, homework help, and the preparation of assignments. This app also offers online tutoring to help students proffer solutions to the various challenges they face in the classroom. Chegg is arguably regarded as the best mobile app for homework help.

#3. Easybib

Most students found making citations as one of the most challenging tasks of an essay. This is because you’re made to track each source for citations you used to write your essay.

But With Easybib, you have nothing to worry about. This app can help you cite your work correctly and also access the list of citations after your essay is completed. Consequently, this gives you enough time to concentrate on preparing, proofreading, and editing your article.

#4. Realcalc Scientific Calculator

The Realcalc app is handy for students studying mathematics. This is because, unlike other educational apps, they are designed like a calculator. The functions of the Realcalc digital calculator include:

  • Ability to solve trig functions
  • Ten memories
  • Binary, octal, and hexadecimal
  • Table of physical constants

#5. Todoist

Since time management is crucial, then students need the best mobile app to manage time. By jotting down your tasks, you avoid the chaos associated with missed deadlines or appointments.

Todoist is an app that stands apart from its counterparts; it comes with some fantastic features that range from collaboration to project management. It also offers convenient reminders, which helps to handle several tasks in time. With the productivity goal features it provides, the Todoist app can help you manage daily duties at your own pace. You may also like Esports is the future of all sports – here’s why

#6. My Study life

My study helps you to write down all important dates and tackle your tasks in the order of their importance. However, what makes it unique among the other countless apps is the ability to ensure teacher and student collaboration.

This allows teachers to provide timetables to students from the same school, which enhances more natural organizational communication.

#7. Malmath

Malmath is an app that helps to solve mathematical problems. This app is suitable for students in college, pursuing a career in mathematics. This is because it has an easy-to-use interface and several other useful features. Maltman can equally proffer solutions to a wide range of topics in mathematics.


Finally, to be successful on campus, students must have the best materials at their disposal. By purchasing the above apps, you can easily manage your campus studies and get better grades.