How to Find the Best Stoner Subscription Box in 2023

The world of smoking has gone for a spin with the introduction of new CBD products. Today, many states in the US allow CBD for recreational purposes, and it is legal for an adult (age 21 years or more) to buy a smoker box and enjoy smoking.How to Find the Best Stoner Subscription Box


Though subscription boxes are not new, there is a growing trend of ordering these boxes for stoners.

There are several options available in smoker subscription boxes, and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Here are some helpful tips for buying the best stoner subscription box.

Exclusive Products

The CBD market is full of low-quality and high-quality CBD products. The stoner box you choose should offer various exclusive products known for their high quality and great smoking experience.

Some premium CBD products are not available as standalone products but are offered as a part of a bundle. The best stoner subscription box would include the best CBD products in the market.


There are tons of CBD products to choose from. If you are a regular smoker of CBD, you would have some favorite ones, and you might despise some brands. The stoner subscription box should be customizable that allow the customer to choose the brands they like. It will ensure that the smoker box has nothing customers will not like and feel is a waste of money.

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Number of Options

As different CBD partners support these subscription boxes, they should offer several options. For example, there are more than ten popular strains of hemp flower. Some of the popular hemp strains found in subscription boxes are Bubba Kush, Frosted Kush, Lifter, Elektra, and Sour Space Candy.

Most subscription boxes offer four different strains of hemp flower. The best subscription boxes would offer more hemp strains and allow the user to select their favorite hemp strains.

Accessories Option

You need special accessories to smoke hemp flowers. Subscription boxes are offered as glass packs or paper packs. A glass pack would contain glass accessories like glass chillum, glass bubbler, or bong, glass hand pipe to smoke hemp flowers.

A paper pack would have premium rolling paper with tips, a rolling tray, and a grinder. Some subscription boxes offer both paper and glass accessories.

Quality of the Boxes

The quality of the boxes covers all aspects of the stoner subscription box. For example, the quality of the hemp flower is a critical aspect of a great experience. Similarly, the quality of the accessories provided in the box is also a crucial factor.

For example, is the rolling paper of premium quality? A premium rolling paper will give out a consistent flavor and burning experience.

The glass accessories in the box should be of high quality. For example, they should not break easily with regular use and should withstand small jerks or shocks during use.

Quantity of CBD products

The number of hemp flowers in the subscription boxes will determine how long the supply will last. Depending on the size and cost, the subscription box should have enough CBD products that will last for a month.

To sum up, these are some essential points to remember when ordering a stoner subscription box online.