How To Accelerate Your Business Using Video Marketing {2023}

Everyone is vying for increased traffic and increasing their competitiveness in this digital age. We owe a debt of gratitude to technological and strategic advancements.

Utilizing the appropriate technology at the appropriate moment enables businesses to easily attract, engage, and delight consumers while meeting their objectives.

Well! Among all the methods, video marketing is one of the most rapidly developing promotional techniques, assisting companies in capturing visitor attention and increasing sales.

As per the latest video marketing statistics, about 86% of businesses have begun using video content to accelerate their growth. If you’re not including video marketing into your marketing plan, you’re missing out on one of the most lucrative aspects of marketing. Are you curious as to why?

You need not be concerned! This article will explain how businesses are leveraging videos to promote their products and services and to help them achieve new heights.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the reasons why you should use a video marketing plan to grow your company.

Why Should You Opt For Video Marketing For Business Growth?

  1. Videos Help in Building Trust

The majority of marketers want to improve their sales and conversion rates. You may have the same question. That is when video material enters the picture.

By including videos in your Why a Building Surveyor is Essential to Your Project?

, you may expect to see a significant increase in lead generation, conversions, and sales. According to studies, companies that create attractive films see an increase in conversions of up to 80%.

Indeed, video marketing correlates directly with sales. The higher the quality of the movies, the higher the conversion rate. Around 75% of individuals who view explainer films are more inclined to buy the goods since visual information is readily transferred to the visitor’s brain.

Therefore, if you want to increase visitor engagement, it’s critical to understand the value of moving images in your marketing plan.

  1. Videos Enhance Brand Awareness

Another advantage of producing a video is that it boosts brand trust. With the use of internet videos, you can simply humanize your product or service. Additionally, videos create emotional connections with viewers, which aids in the conversion of visitors to leads.

Always keep in mind that the more website traffic and product knowledge there is, the simpler it is to build brand recognition. Therefore, begin utilizing video content to get superior outcomes without breaking the bank.

  1. Videos Instill Trust in the Audience’s Mind

It would not be incorrect to see trust as the bedrock of company development. If you instill more trust in your visitors, it will be easier to convert them into leads and subsequently into promoters. Videos accomplish everything!

By including an engaging and informative video on your website, you can easily promote your business, establish trust, and strengthen connections with your consumers.

According to studies, 57% of consumers gain trust in a product or brand after viewing a video. Therefore, if you want to earn the audience’s trust and create a genuine connection, begin by producing a high-quality video that leads to sales pitches.

  1. Videos Can Easily help Decipher Complex Topics

Around 98% of consumers believe that by viewing visually appealing explainer films, they can quickly grasp the idea and learn about the services.

To increase website visits by describing your services, you may always include explainer films on your website’s homepage, since 83% of companies think a video on the homepage is effective.

Videos not only assist in simplifying complex concepts but also make dull material more attractive and instructive. Therefore, begin by using films to bring tough ideas to life.

  1. Videos have the Potential to Enhance Engagement Rates

It is hard to imagine the world without cell phones, today. Billions of people worldwide use smartphones. Indeed, 90% of consumers prefer to view videos on mobile devices.

The video is both amusing and informative for viewers. They like sharing videos with their peers, which boosts social media shares.

Having a mobile-optimized video boosts website traffic and fosters stronger customer connections. Create a mobile-optimized video to give your viewers more options.

  1. Videos Enhance Retention Rate

Do you want to expand your client base while remaining competitive? Yes. Utilize your video marketing approach to earn the confidence of your customers.

According to Wordstream, 95% of respondents report that they remember substantially more of the concept/message conveyed in the video. After reading the material, just 10% recall the same idea.

Establishing long-term connections with customers can help market your brand and increase your business’s return on investment (ROI). To earn their trust, produce visually attractive and educational films that explain why they should buy the product.

  1. Videos are Immensely Helpful in SEO

Finally, but certainly not least, every company wishes to improve its Google search ranking. By including videos in your marketing plan, you can increase the amount of time a visitor spends on your website.

The longer visitors remain on your website, the better your website ranks on Google. According to Moovly’s study, websites with video content are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

Therefore, if you want to boost your search engine position and expand your company, begin by producing intriguing titles, appealing images, and SEO-friendly keywords. It will increase the effectiveness of all your video promotion efforts.


Video marketing is a simple and cost-effective method of promoting and informing consumers about your goods and services. Videos will assist you in increasing interaction, optimizing your search engine results, and accelerating the development of your company.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned reasons have convinced you of the critical nature of video marketing in the corporate sector.