Golf GPS Vs Rangefinder: Which device should I choose? {2023}

Golf GPS Vs Rangefinder: Which device should I choose?

Golf GPS is widely used by amateur golfers that helps them in improving their games and score. It is a part of game that is neglected by many players and then they realize its importance. With a golf GPS system, one can never be wrong in its game. It works perfectly and that’s why the US President Bill Clinton also decreed that GPS technology should be used commercially. Golf GPS systems use satellites in a perfect way to pinpoint your exact location. There is no chance of mistake and it gives you a clear idea about the distance. This is used by golfers to have a clear idea and information about yardages, including distance to the green and hazards.

Golf GPS Vs Rangefinder

Understand the difference between Golf GPs and Rangefinders

Golf GPS Handheld Systems

GPS devices offer multiple options like distance to the front of the green and center and back of the green. Some of the basic GPS systems will also offer measurements to 2/3 additional hazards on each hole. If you are a frequent player of golf, then you will also consider how many courses your GPS handheld can store. Many offers more than 100 courses. There are other features too that can be viewed after using it.

Golf GPS systems on Golf Trolleys

It is crucial to know how your trolley fit in with your golf GPS requirements. If you already own a GPS handheld system, then it is good to check out that there are compatible attachments for the trolley that you are buying. You may also find some GPS systems that combine both electric golf trolleys and golf GPS systems. Before purchasing anyone, make sure their features are good and usable to you.

Applications for Golf GPS

How about using your smartphone as a GPS system? Thankfully, there is already an app for that to make your work easier. It is very beneficial for payers as it comes with preloaded course maps and you can download some more. It allows a user to create their own distance points on the map to suit the game. It is a cheaper and more comfortable option for all. You may also like this DisplayPort Cable vs HDMI Gaming: Which one is best for Monitor?

Golf Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinders or laser Rangefinders are a common alternative to GPS systems that are used by golfers. They have their own advantages and disadvantages that is easily noticed by a user.

With a Golf Rangefinder, the player doesn’t need to download maps and stress about the strength of satellite signals. The player just need to focus the golf rangefinder at the target point and it used laser to bounce a single off the target and then back to the handset to calculate the distance. The user should not worry about the precision as it will be negligible.

Many Golf rangefinders come up with multiple features that measure any change in elevation or other factors. They are advance in technology and generally more expensive than a normal one. They also consider the temperature to have a better shot. At present scenario, these features are not permitted in the game.

Golf rangefinder offer more accuracy than golf GPS systems as it perfectly calculates the distance. There is no doubt that Rangefinder device are a better option.