Top 5 Fragrance Reviewers on YouTube

For over a millennium, perfume has been the crowning jewel of style. In the words of Victoria Ericson,

Scent is our greatest, most potent form of time travel, like an arrow. It tears through layers. It finds the center.”

The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks and connects to us on so many levels. It is soothing to the soul and makes us remember the good times while adding a pinch of grace, sensuality, and class. As the ultimate accessory, it has transformative qualities that bend time and space to transport us to our happy place.

Fragrance Reviewers on YouTube

In the words of Serge Lutens: “Perfume is potentially a carrier for the imagination.” A vessel that can speak a thousand words, form connections, build memories, and manipulate emotions. A recent study highlights, people can remember 35% of what they smell and only 5% of what they see. For centuries, it has been a tool for influencing people, mental well-being, and a positive trigger for prosaic feelings. With time it becomes an intrinsic part of our personality that makes us feel good and do good.

However, with the recent commercialization of the perfume industry, it has become increasingly difficult to pick the best perfumes as a new perfume is released every other day. So, how do we decide which perfume is best for us? As there are so many denominators and terminologies to sift through to make the best choice. Moreover, the differences in European, British, and American typologies and mannerisms only further confuse the end user.

The best way to make an informed decision is to go through YouTube reviews of the top perfume connoisseurs who have an in-depth knowledge of perfumes and fragrance notes. They are known to provide detailed descriptions of scent profiles and are not biased toward specific brands or perfumes. The world of perfume reviewers works as a community that in most cases works to empower consumers to make informed and knowledgeable decisions. So, simply put watching these reviews on platforms like YouTube is a great way to learn how the world of perfumes and fragrances works.

However, before we get into the detail of it. Here is a breakdown of very basic perfume types from a price point of view for people with this newfound passion:

Niche Fragrances

On top of the pyramid, we have niche fragrances that personify luxury even before you open the bottle. Brands like Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Xerjoff, Creed, Fragrance Du Bois, and Acqua Di Parma all fall in the category of niche fragrances as they specialize in one thing and one thing only that’s the art of perfumery. The artisanal/indie fragrances have some differences but they primarily fall in this category. Niche fragrances start from $200, but they usually fall between a $300 to $1000 range going up to $1.5 million.

Designer Fragrances:

Fragrances from the house of Dior, Channel, Gucci, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana are scents that primarily fall in the category of designer fragrances. These are mass-pleasers that are specifically designed from a commercial point you and aggressively advertised. One of the reasons why most people are usually aware of them. They cover all price points from the lower-midrange and move up to the upper-range categories.


Perfume houses that have little history and copy the composition/notes of the most popular fragrances are known as clones. For example, the world’s most famous perfume is Creed Aventus has clones from almost every fragrance house that was developed in the 21st century. Some designer fragrances also follow this practice, but it is mostly done by clone brands. These brands include the likes of Armaf, Al Haramain, Afnan, Dua, Rassasi, and Lattafa. Mostly Middle Eastern brands that fall in the lowest of the lowest price categories and provide you with nearly accurate iterations of your favorite expensive perfume.

Now without wasting any time. Here is the list of the top 5 fragrance reviewers on YouTube:

Gents Scent

With almost 100 million views, this channel is fun production that offers insightful reviews of budget fragrances, including designer and clone perfumes. It specializes in providing you with the best value propositions or the best bang for the buck options. Moreover, Ash’s funny presentation style and comparisons are a delight for the audience.

Real Men Real Style

A channel that specifically focuses on men’s style, Real Men Real Style is a great platform to learn about all things related to men’s style from shoes, accessories, and hair to cologne, suits, and styling. The channel educates people who value style on how to wear both luxury niche and designer perfumes with confidence.

Chaos Fragrances

A great channel for teenagers, millennials, and Gen Z who are looking for a combination of both luxury and affordable options, Chaos Fragrances is a must-watch channel for people who are starting their fragrance journey. It offers a lot of options for all seasons and personality types while providing a wide range of comparisons between different affordable brands.

Curly Scents

A channel that accommodates a wide range of audiences, Curly Scents focuses on both top unisex and male/female perfume options. With its special attention to female offerings, it has a fun and endearing way of sharing reviews that are closer to the sentiments of the end users.

The Perfume Guy:

A great channel that provides in-depth reviews of niche, artisanal, indie, and luxury designer fragrance houses while providing a comprehensive overview of their history, heritage, and best-selling offerings. Its reviews usually feature knowledgeable guests that also provide the viewer with a second opinion.

Wrapping Up,

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