Does Messi want to chase Ronaldo in the number of international goals? {2023}

If to answer this question shortly – yes. The rivalry between the two attackers is tough and interesting, with both having great achievements and records. Being the best scorer on the international scene, however, looks like one of the best achievements for any attacker, besides Ballon d’Ors, UCL trophies, and other notable elements for comparison.

And while Cristiano sits at the top of the list of best strikers for national teams with 117 goals and looks in full safety, Messi’s five goals in the last game only started a new discussion. Of course, that was just a friendly game against quite a weak Estonia, but Ronaldo also wasn’t scoring only against Germany and France. Want more interesting news? Follow the link to the 90% accurate football predictions section and get fresh information every day.

There are plenty of arguments to believe that Lionel won’t be able to chase his Portuguese rival, who is 31 goals ahead. However, the Argentinian team looked great the last year and can surely play a lot of games in the World Cup and help their captain to achieve even better stats. Also, Messi is two years younger than Ronaldo and so has some time for maneuvering.

At the same time, Portugal looks like a more stable team that is ready to help their leader too. Even at 37, Cristiano seems to play a few years at least and can improve his stats even more. Also, Ronaldo scored 117 goals in 188 games, while Messi achieved the point of 86 in 162 games. It means that Cristiano scored 0.62 goals per game, while Lionel only 0.53. By the way, we recommend visiting the site Odds2Win and getting the latest football predictions and getting a member promo code in India for free.

While only time will show who will finish at the top of the important list, Messi still should look not at Cristiano but at other guys who are under him. Ok, the Malaysian striker Dahari looks to be an easy target with 89 goals, but the Iranian attacker Daei with 109 is a serious obstacle on this ladder. But still, it will be interesting to look at this race, which isn’t dead yet. You may also like this 7 Benefits To Grow Berries To Your Garden